Jeremy Daniel Holloway was born in Epsom, England, in 1945. He was educated at Bryanston School, then Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he took both his first degree (Natural Sciences Tripos) and his doctorate, the thesis for the latter being on the application of numerical methods of analysis to biogeographic data.

He has had extensive experience collecting Lepidoptera in the region: three months on an expedition to Mount Kinabalu in 1965, and five months in New Caledonia and Norfolk Island in 1971. From then until 1978 he worked on the results of this work, publishing three books and numerous papers. In 1978 he joined the Royal Geographic Society - Sarawak Government Expedition and Survey of Mount Mulu National Park, spending five months there working on the Lepidoptera. This material, that from the Kinabalu expedition, and samples made in Brunei over several years by Col. M.G. Allen form the foundation for this series on Bornean moths.

In 1985 he made two visits to northern Sulawesi as Director of the Diversity and Conservation Programme of Project Wallace, the Royal Entomological Society of London and Indonesian Institute of Sciences Commemorative Expedition. In 1987 he visited Seram in the Moluccas as a participant in the Operation Raleigh expedition to that island. His quantitative samples of moths from most major habitat types will provide material for a treatment of these faunas comparable to this Bornean series.

He was employed as a specialist on macrolepidoptera with the International Institute of Entomology (an Institute of CAB INTERNATIONAL) Identification Service through 1978-1996. Since early "retirement" in 1996, he has been working full-time on "The Moths of Borneo", but continues also to publish on a range of topics in the fields of biodiversity and biogeography, affiliated to The Natural History Museum as a Scientific Associate.

He helped supervise two Malaysian postgraduate students who undertook moth sampling projects in forest ecosystems: both are employed as forest entomologists (FRIM and Sabah Forest Department), and his collaboration with them continues. He has also advised Indonesian students with moth sampling projects, and is exploring similar opportunities with Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

He married Phillipa Goninan in 1981. She has produced typescripts for most of the series, and for the last three parts, camera-ready copy.

In 1995 he was awarded the Karl Jordan Medal of The Lepidopterists' Society, in part for his work on this series.

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