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Dictyestra dissectus Walker  
Heliophobus dissectus Walker, 1865, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln. Br. Mus., 33: 656.
Heliophobus dissectus Walker; Holloway, 1976: 8.

Dictyestra dissectus

. The finely etched pale markings of the darker brown forewing are diagnostic within the subfamily. Some Callopistria may approach this forewing pattern but are smaller and lack hairy eyes.

Taxonomic notes. There is minor variation in the configuration of the harpe and ornamentation of the vesica throughout the range of this species.

Geographical range
. India to Japan, Sundaland, Philippines, Sulawesi, to S. Moluccas and New Guinea.

Habitat preference
. The species is montane throughout its range. In Borneo it is common on G. Kinabalu, ranging from 1200m to 2600m with peak occurrence at around 2000m. It has also been recorded singly from 1670m on Bukit Pagon, Brunei.

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