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Diarsia barlowi Holloway  
Diarsia barlowi
Holloway 1976: 8.

Diarsia barlowi

Diarsia barlowi

This is the largest Bornean species, the forewing varying from orange-grey (males) to deep purplish reddish grey (females). The postmedial distinct, with even bands, dark, then pale, distally.

Taxonomic notes.
The male genitalia have a strong, setose clavus and a heart-shaped juxta. There is some resemblance in them to those of Himalayan taxa such as D. vulpina Moore.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference.
This is the only noctuid characteristic of the summit zone of G. Kinabalu (Holloway, 1970), being common above 3000m but also encountered as low as 2100m.

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