The extensive freshly collected material avai1able arose partly through the activities of the author under the auspices of the Royal Geographical Society - Sarawak Government Expedition and Survey of the Gunung Mulu National Park (1977-8), whilst financed by a Government Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Investigations administered by the Royal Society, and on a previous expedition (1965) to G. Kinabalu. Another large part of this material was accumulated and prepared by Col. M.G. Allen and Mr T.W. Harman during a series of expeditions in Brunei. I am grateful to Dr R. & Frau E. Bender, and Herr W.A. Nassig for access to the Sumatran material collected by Dr E.W. Diehl and others, the basis of the Heterocera Sumatrana Society project, which enabled additions to be made to the known distributions of several species. Similar information for Peninsular Malaysia was gained by examining the collection of Mr H.S. Barlow and those of the Forest Research Institute, Kepong, and the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

I am grateful to Dr Tho Yow Pong, Dr M.J. Bascombe and Mr D.J. Carter for allowing me to use their colour slides of bombycoid larvae. The colour plates of adults were photographed by Mr Bernard D'Abrera gratis.

My thanks are due to the University Museum, Oxford, Dr J.E. Rawhins
(Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh) and Dr O. Karsholt (Zoological Museum, Copenhagen) for lending or photographing type material in their care. Dr Tho Yow Pong, Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, and Mr Tan Chai Lin, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute, kindly allowed me to incorporate unpublished data in their care on host-plants.

The taxonomic work was undertaken at the British Museum (Natural History) with the permission of the Trustees and with the assistance and support of the Department of Entomology, particularly the Macrolepidoptera Section. I am also extremely grateful to Herr W.A. Nassig for his extensive, helpful comments on drafts of the sections on Saturniidae, Eupterotidae and Brahmaeidae, and numerous discussions. I apologise for the loss of an umlaut on the 'a' of his name throughout the text, and for the lack of accents generally. Dr R. and Frau E. Bender pointed out a few failings in the lasiocampid text, and Mr W. Hogenes assisted with the untangling of the genus Macroglossum.

The series is dependent on the continuing support and energies of Mr H.S. Barlow, who also acts as a longstop for errors in the text (the blame for any that escape is mine).

Finally I would like to thank my wife, Phillipa, for once again taking on most of the burden of preparing the typescript amongst many other demands on her time.

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