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Hallicarnia Kirby

Type species: hamata Walker (= albipectus Walker);
Synonym: Polymona Walker (preoccupied; see Fletcher & Nye, (1982)).

The forewings are diagnostically falcate with an excavate apex. The hindwings have a humeral vein as in Syrastrena. The facies consists of pale ante and postmedial fasciae and an irregular submarginal one on the forewing, with a faintly darker discal dot between the former. The hindwing has an obscure, dark medial band.

The thorax below has a distinctive central band of pale cream or white. The palps are directed forward and acute.

The male genitalia have a simple, bifid cubile. The tegumen is a single sclerotised band with two weak setose lobes. The valves consist of two processes, the lower very much larger than the upper. The aedeagus apex has the ventral margin acute; there are two or three processes in the vesica.

The genus contains two species. One is described below. The other is externally similar but genitalically distinct and flies in Sulawesi.

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