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Trabala shiva Roepke 
Trabala shiva Roepke, 1951: 120.

Trabala shiva
(natural size)

The male has the forewing postmedial curved parallel to the margin with a distinctly paler zone basad. There are diagnostic paler zones associated with the antemedial, the submarginal spots and, on the hindwing, subcostally. These pale patches recur on the underside. The male genitalia have the tegumen processes short, blunt as illustrated; the apex of the aedeagus projection is expanded and upcurved apically.

The female is unknown.

Geographical range. Sundaland.

Habitat preference. The three Bornean species seen were all from lowland rainforest, though Roepke (1951) indicated the species was also found in the mountains.

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