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Trabala hantu Roepke 
Trabala hantu Roepke, 1951: 122.

Trabala hantu
(natural size)

Trabala hantu
(natural size)

This and the next species are very similar externally but strikingly different in male genitalia. They both resemble rather large irrorata. The median area may be less whitish than in the next species and the submarginal flecks weaker, yet with the central step similarly slight. The females associated with the males of the two species are also segregated by intensity of markings. The male genitalia of hantu have massive, non-serrate processes resembling those of irrorata but with the larger, exterior pair with two teeth.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is rarer than the next two, Bornean specimens having been taken in upper montane forest at 1600m on G. Kinabalu and 1800m on G. Mulu. The species is also montane in Sumatra.

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