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Euthrix sp.

Euthrix sp.
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A single worn male of a second Euthrix species has been taken at 1930m on G. Kinabalu. The genitalia suggest affinities to the N.E. Himalayan E. pallidochrea Hampson and E. fossa Swinhoe (see Lajonquière, 1978), possibly being closer to the latter in general colour and appearance.

Lajonquière discussed further Euthrix from South-east Asia but the only Sundanian species noted was E. inobtrusa Walker, recorded from Sumatra and Java as ssp. sondensis Lajonquière. H.S. Barlow has taken sondensis in Peninsular Malaysia. A specimen taken by W.A. Nassig in Sumatra appears referable to typical E. Himalayan inobtrusa, so sondensis may merit specific status.

Another member of the Euthrix group, Eteinopla signata Moore (Himalaya, Taiwan), has been taken in the Cameron Highlands, Peninsular Malaysia, by W.A. Nassig.

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