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Kenguichardia orbus sp. n.  

Kenguichardia orbus (holotype) (natural size)

male.gif (860 bytes) 20mm. Structural features are described in the generic account. The forewings are shades of brownish grey, a paler anterior zone separated from a darker posterior one by a boundary running from subbasally on the dorsum in a more or less straight line to the apex. There are fine, very pale grey antemedial and postmedial fasciae, a strong, dark brown discal stigma and a smaller 'orbicular' stigma basal to it. The hindwings are medium brownish grey with a hint of a darker discal lunule and pale postmedial band. The forewings below are almost uniform brownish grey with only a hint of the upperside pattern evident.

Holotype male.gif (860 bytes) E. SABAH: Brumas, 500ft, 26.4.1973 (K.M. Guichard) BM notodontid slide 1155.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The unique specimen was taken in tall lowland forest that has probably now been logged, The specific epithet (orbus = orphan) thus reflects not only the current lack of a family placement for the new species, but also the demise of the habitat that nurtured it.

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