Bornean Arctiidae of subfamilies Syntominae (55spp.), Euchromiinae (2spp.) and Arctiinae (40spp.) are described, with comments on the subfamily classification of the group. Presence of a pair of dorsal glands on the ovipositor is discussed as an arctiid apomorphy. The Ctenuchinae, Euchromiinae, Thyretinae and Syntominae all show this feature and may form a group within the Arctiidae that is defined by fusion of the anterior veins of the hindwing.

Genera of the Syntominae are redefined using genitalic characters, and two new genera are described.

The tribal classification of the Arctiinae is discussed. A major grouping of species is transferred from Nyctemera to Utetheisa. The genus Aethalida is reviewed.

The genus Camptoloma (1sp.) and the Aganainae (Hypsidae) (16spp.) have been included in the Arctiidae in the past and are discussed here, though these taxa are best placed in the Noctuidae. A cladogram is presented indicating relationships of taxa within the Aganainae. One lineage is noted as feeding on Apocynaceae and Asclepiadaceae, and. the other mainly on Moraceae (Ficus).

For each species a diagnosis and the geographical range are given and, where known, details of habitat preference and biology. Summary lists are given of the new taxa described (2 genera and 14 species) as well as of numerous other taxonomic changes. A checklist of all Bornean taxa is provided.

Publication date: 1988
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