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Peridrome orbicularis Walker  
Peridrome orbicularis
Walker. 1854, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln. Br. Mus., 2: 445.
Aganopis subquadrata Herrich-Schaffer (1856), Samml aussereur. Schmett. 1:12.
Eriocrypta 1ongipennis Herrich-Schaffer (1856). Samml aussereur. Schmett. 1: 12. Unavailable
         names (Watson, Fletcher & Nye, 1980).

Peridrome orbicularis

Peridrome orbicularis

See the generic description. The male has striking secondary sexual characteristics and a pale creamy white distal zone to the hindwing. The female, compared to other blue-grey aganaines, has a very large basal orange area to the forewing and a distinctive grey-bordered, pale orange hindwing.

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya, Burma, Sundaland, Palawan, Lesser Sundas.

Habitat preference. The species is very rare in Borneo. The only specimen seen was from Pulo Laut.

Biology. The larva and pupa were figured by Horsfield & Moore (1858-9). The larva is blackish with prominent setae, each segment ringed pale green posteriorly and with similar colour lining each segment just above the line of the legs. The head and prothorax are dark brown. Pupation is in a cocoon that incorporates particles of leaves etc. The host plant was given as ?Apocynum (Apocynaceae).

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