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Spilosoma griseabrunnea Holloway stat. n.  
Spilosoma rhodius griseabrunnea
Holloway, 1976: 4.

Spilosoma griseabrunnea

See Spilosoma strigatula Walker.

Taxonomic notes. This species is closely allied to two possibly conspecific taxa: rubescens Walker (Burma) and amilada Swinhoe (Sumatra). It differs in several features of the male genitalia: the aedeagus vesica has five equal fields of stout spines whereas in the other taxa there are three or four unequal ones, one of which is almost linear; the valve apex extends further beyond the two lateral processes, the ventral one of which is only a slight swelling; the dorsal one in the other two taxa is larger and spatulate. It is not allied to S. rhodius Rothschild.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is common in disturbed habitats, agricultural areas and secondary vegetation from the lowlands to 1200m.

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