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Nyctemera coleta Stoll
Phalaena Geometra coleta
Stoll, 1781, Uitl. Kapellen, 4:153.
Nyctemera coleta Cramer; Roepke, 1949: 52, 1957: 150, 171; Holloway, 1976: 5; Barlow, 1982: 75.

No other species with entire dark borders to both wings has subapical and tornal white markings on the margin within them.

Geographical range. Japan, Oriental Region to New Guinea.

Habitat preference. Records in recent surveys have been infrequent but in various habitats from the lowlands to 1200m.

Biology. Roepke (1949), referring to Moore (1882-3), gave the host-plant as Gynura and other Compositae. This has also been recorded by Pholboon (1965) and Sevastopulo (1940). Moore stated the larva to be purple, black spotted, crossed by dorsal and lateral white streaks, with verrucae, the anterior segments yellowish. The pupa is yellow with black spots.

The species is day-flying.

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