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Nyctemera kinabaluensis Reich stat. n.  
Nyctemera arctata kinabaluensis
Reich, 1932, Int. ent. Z., 26: 238.
Nyctemera arctata kinabaluensis Reich; Holloway, 1976: 6.

Nyctemera kinabaluensis


On the forewing the basal white patch is linked by white along vein CuA2 with the postmedial band. The hindwing border is entire, lobed interiorly in the spaces.

Taxonomic notes. This species has male genitalia very similar to those of diaphana Roepke from Sulawesi and very different from those of typical arctata. Also in the group are browni Schultze (= conjuncta Wileman; Luzon) and hyalina Bethune-Baker (New Guinea, S. Moluccas). In facies the species is closest to browni but lacks the signum in the bursa seen in browni, resembling diaphana more in this respect; the lamella postvaginalis is deeper than in either species.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is frequent from 1000-2000m on G. Kinabalu, but has not been taken elsewhere in Borneo.

Biology. All material was taken at light by night.

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