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Areas Walker

Type species: orientalis Walker, ssp. of galactina Hoeven.

The genus has some features in common with the ericsoni group of Spilosoma such as the general coloration, the black antennae with a subapical white zone, and a dorsal black streak to the thorax. However, the forewing ground colour is more whitish and the pattern is a striking black reticulation; the thorax has black spots on patagia and tegulae.

In the male abdomen the eighth sternite has long, outcurved lateral sclerites and a central one that terminates in a sclerotised pouch. The coremata show moderate development. The valves of the genitalia are massive The aedeagus is curved, with a scobinate lobe apically rather than a spined process. The large vesica is scobinate in places but lacks fields of large cornuti.

In the female there is a well developed appendix bursae. The bursa has three round, scobinate signa. The dorsal glands of the ovipositor lobes are large, bifid, but branch only weakly and asymmetrically more distally.

There is only one species, described below.

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