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Utetheisa lotrix Cramer  
Geometra lotrix Cramer, 1779, Uitl. Kapellen 2:109.
Utetheisa lotrix Cramer; Jordan, 1939, Novit. Zool., 41: 287. (Subspecies described and 
Utetheisa indica Roepke, 1941.
Utetheisa lotrix Cramer; Robinson, 1971.

Utetheisa lotrix (Java)

Geographical range.
Old World tropics.

Habitat preference. No specimens from Borneo have been seen so the presence of lotrix needs confirmation.

Biology. The larva in Fiji is lemon-yellow with black and orange patterning. The dorsal stripe of pale colour is broken by pairs of black bands that contain an orange band. The flanks, are broadly pale with two dark spots and an oblique orange-brown bar on each segment. The head is pale tan.

The host-plants are Crotalaria species particularly, but also other Leguminosae, and Sevastopulo (1938) recorded Dahlia (Compositae).

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