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Amata kinensis Hampson
Syntomis kinensis Hampson, 1898: 87.
Syntomis kinensis Hampson; Seitz, 1912-1913: 77.

Amata kinensis (holotype)

The abdomen is banded as in teinopera but the facies is more as in tetragonaria and allies. The male hindwing is roundedly triangular with an even-bordered basal yellow area extending half way to the margin. In the female the hindwings are narrower, the yellow area more irregular. The ornamentation of the aedeagus vesica is like that of tetragonaria, but the right valve has a striking setose hook on the costa, weakly present on the left valve, in addition to the basal processes.

Geographical range. Borneo; the Sumatran and Chitral taxa discussed by Seitz (1912-1913) are probably not this species.

Habitat preference. The species is only known from three specimens without altitude data from G. Kinabalu.

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