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Amata stellaris Snellen  
Syntomis stellaris
Snellen, 1895, Dt. ent. Z. Iris 8:130.
Syntomis stellaris Snellen; Seitz, 1912-1913: 79.

Amata stellaris (Perak)

This species resembles a small elisa with the abdominal rings white. The forewing apex is diagnostically white. In the male genitalia the aedeagus vesica has a row of cornuti that extends from the main tube along the distal margin of a lateral lobe, increasing in size. The valves are small, simple, the left costal process much longer than the centrally angled right (Natuna Is. specimen dissected).

Geographical range. Sundaland.

Habitat preference. All Bornean specimens seen are from Sintang near Pontianak.

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