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Eressa Walker

Type species: confinis Walker (Indian subregion to Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra).

The most typical members of this genus were reviewed by Obraztsov (1954). None occurs in Borneo.

In venation and wing markings the genus resembles Caeneressa Obraztsov. In the male genitalia the tegumen is robust with internal processes., The uncus is broad, triangular, with slight lobes basally and laterally. The valves are short, rounded, the juxta like a rounded, inverted V, between the saccular bases; the aedeagus is slender, evenly curved, the vesica unornamented. In the female genitalia, the eighth segment is a darkly sclerotised ring of even thickness, with the ostium centrally within it. There is a single, central, rhomboidal, scobinate signum similar to that of Caeneressa.

Two Bornean species are here assigned to the genus, E. vespina having Eressa as its current combination and being represented by only a single specimen, precluding determination of a more satisfactory placement through dissection.

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