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Syntomoides Hampson Gen. rev.

Type species: imaon Cramer.

This genus and the next share with Ceryx Wallengren the reduction of veins arising from the hindwing cell to two apart from Rs (Fig. 5), and the presence of only one transparent patch in the forewing space posterior to CuA2. They are defined on features of the male genitalia. These are robust in Syntomoides, the tegumen broadened into two massive shoulders on which the uncus is equally broadly based (the darkly sclerotised dorsal margin is an extension of the uncus base). The valves are short, simple, rather rounded. The vinculum is very broad, giving rise to a pair of apodemes rather than a central saccus. The female genitalia have a very narrow eighth segment; there is a single signum in the bursa as in Caeneressa and the next genus.

The genus contains only the type species.

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