Bornean moths of the families Castniidae (one species), Callidulidae (7 species in 2 genera), Drepanidae (108 species in 35 genera and 3 subfamilies) and Uraniidae (90 species in 22 genera, though some epiplemines are unplaced, and 4 subfamilies) are described. For each species a diagnosis and the geographical range are given and, where known, details of habitat preference and biology. Summary lists are provided of the new taxa described (6 genera (one new name), 47 species and 3 new subspecies) as well as of numerous other taxonomic changes. A checklist of all species summarises the fauna.

The unusual biogeography of many of the groups covered is discussed in the introduction. The higher classificatory position of the broadly geometroid groups in relation to the macrolepidoptera and butterflies is also reviewed in a later section.

Some attempt is made to resolve the generic status of species until now referred unsatisfactorily to the Neotropical genus Epiplema Herrich-Schäffer.

Some errata are noted in the previous part published and in the past on the ennomine Geometridae, and two Sterrhinae and three Larentiinae are illustrated, one of the latter representing a new record.

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