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Decetia subflavata Warren
Aoratosema subflavata Warren, 1898, Novit. zool., 5: 227.

Decetia subflavata

Decetia subflavata (UMS Colln)

The forewings are simply falcate, the margin more or less straight, rather than broadly convex as in the pallidaria group or with a rounded angle just posterior to the falcate tip as in the numicusaria group. The forewing discal spot is diagnostically pale. Darker markings are present postmedially on the hindwing but more obscure than in the numicusaria group. Males have the origin of CuA2 in the hindwing in a basal position, with a lens-shaped, carinate structure between it and CuA1. The ground colour in the female is pale ochreous orange, more fawn colour in the male and obscured by a scattering of darker brown scales.

Geographical range. Balabac (Philippines), Sundaland, including Bali.

Habitat preference. This is probably a lowland species. A female was taken in March 1997 in secondary forest in the Kiansom valley near Kota Kinabalu. The other Bornean specimen, a male, was taken on Pulo Laut.

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