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Callidula Hübner

Type species: petavius Stoll, Ambon, S. Moluccas.

Synonyms: Cleis Guérin-Méneville (type species posticalis Guérin-Méneville, Bismarck Is.); Datanga Moore (type species minor Moore, Burma, = sakuni Stoll); Petavia Horsfield (type species sakuni Horsfield, Java).

As indicated in the diagnosis of Tetragonus, the best definitive features for the genera are in the male abdomen. In Callidula the hair-pencils are between the eighth sternite and the genitalia, long, narrowly based in one or two (C. sakuni Horsfield and Papuan Subregion species) pairs.

In the female genitalia the apodemes of the eighth segment are relatively much longer than in Tetragonus. A signum is sometimes present in the bursa.

The genus is diverse throughout the Indo-Australian tropics east to the Solomons, but is not known from Australia (Common, 1990; Nielsen, Edwards & Rangsi, 1996). The male genitalia and scent pencils of a pair of Papuan Subregion species examined (arctata Butler, hypoleuca Butler), apart from petavius, are similar to those of C. sakuni, though there is great diversity of facies in both upper and undersides: the two dissected species represent extremes of this range of facies, arctata resembling the type species of Cleis, for which no males were located.

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