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Sewa Swinhoe Gen. rev.

Type species: orbiferata Walker.

The facies of this genus bears some resemblance to that in Macrocilix, but the genitalia of both sexes indicate that it is, at best, only distantly related. The male antennae are lamellate rather than bipectinate. The wing ground colour is a similar creamy white to that of Macrocilix but the fasciation differs. The forewing has an irregular series of costal and submarginal grey patches and a grey postmedial band that consists of three parallel elements and runs from the dorsum to the discal zone. A similar band occurs on the hindwing, together with a more continuous submarginal band, with a yellow zone between the two.

In the male abdomen the eighth sternite is reduced, 'H' shaped. The uncus and socii are digitate, well separated in a trident form. The gnathus is well developed, distally rugose. The valves are reduced to small lobes and the saccus is moderate.

In the female genitalia the ovipositor lobes are vestigial, the ductus short, the bursa globular, immaculate in the type species but with a prominent longitudinal signum in the only other included species, the Taiwanese S. taiwana Wileman comb. n. (Watson, 1968).

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