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Strepsigonia Warren

Type species: nigrimacula Warren, Peninsular Malaysia.

Synonym: Monurodes Warren (type species trigonoptera Warren).

The genus consists of small buff or light brown species with falcate or bifalcate forewings, crossed by fine, crenulate, irregular, darker brown fasciae and medium brown shades. The discal marks on each wing consist of two small, obliquely set, dark brown dots as in some Drepana. The male antennae are bipectinate, those of the female more weakly so.

The male seventh and eighth segments are modified, sometimes asymmetrically. The genitalia have the processes on the tegumen set well away from the mid-point, usually an asymmetrically bilobed process, possibly part of the uncus, with a small digitate process just exterior to it, possibly a socius. The valves are small, tongue-like. The saccus is broad, well developed. The aedeagus vesica is sometimes ornamented with a patch of scobination or cornuti.

The female has the ovipositor lobes bilobed, the ductus moderate, slender, the bursa spherical with a basal band of scobination.

The genus is most diverse in Sundaland but extends also to India, China and the Moluccas.

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