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Micronia Guenée

Type species: aculeata Guenée.

Synonym: Anteia Meyrick (type species ithygramma Meyrick, New Guinea).

The fasciation consists of three transverse, entire if diffuse bands overlain by striae set at a slight angle to the bands. The hindwing has a symmetrical angle and submarginal black spot at vein M3.

The male genitalia are unusual amongst Uraniidae in having a weak gnathus. The juxta lacks distal or lateral lobes, being simple, oblong, strap-like. The ventral margin of the valve is strongly convex, much longer than the costal margin. The latter bears a central triangular flap set just interiorly from the edge.

In the female the bursa is narrow, elongate, longer than the ductus, and with a small, ovate scobinate signum subbasally. The genus is distributed through the Indo-Australian tropics to as far east as New Caledonia (Holloway, 1979).

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