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Pseudomicronia Moore

Type species: caelata Moore = advocataria Walker syn. n.

This genus and Strophidia Hübner share a facies consisting of multiple, finely linear, composite transverse fasciae and a hindwing tail at M3 that is asymmetric, including the submarginal spotting, flexed slightly more strongly towards the anterior. This characteristic of the hindwing tail is also seen in the uraniine genera Urapteroides and Cyphura discussed earlier.

Pseudomicronia has distinctive features in the male genitalia, notably a long, slender, curved process extending dorsally from the base of the valve costa. There is a single digitate process at the centre of the dorsal valve margin near the distal end of the costal thickening. The juxta has prominent distal and lateral lobes.

In the female, the ductus is only of moderate length, usually equal to the length of the corpus bursae. The latter has strong signum consisting of a pair of sclerotised patches bearing spines directed laterally away from the longitudinal axis separating them.

The three to four species referred to below make up the genus.

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