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Strophidia caudata Fabricius
Phalaena caudata Fabricius, 1781, Spec. Insect., 2: 253.
Phalaena fasciata Cramer, 1777, Uitl. Kapellen., 2:12, 148, praeocc.
Micronia obtusata Guenée, 1857, Hist. nat. Insectes, Spec. Gen. Lep., 10: 26.

Strophidia caudata

The general appearance is much as in Pseudomicronia Moore, but the fasciation is somewhat darker. Fasciae are more numerous subbasally on the forewing. The hindwing postmedial is double rather than single, and there are two or three black spots posterior to the tail rather than just one.

Taxonomic notes. In the Moluccas, New Guinea and N. Australia there is a sister-species, S. directaria Walker, with fewer fasciae and some differences in the male genitalia. The original illustration of obtusata appears to be of caudata despite Guenée's assertion to the contrary.

Geographical range. Indian Subregion to Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo and Sulawesi.

Habitat preference. The species is rare in Borneo. The two specimens taken in recent surveys were both from lowland forest: west of the Melinau Gorge during the Mulu survey; in forest understorey near the Danum Valley Field Centre, Sabah.

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