Bomean Geometridae of the subfamiles Oenochrominae (6 species in one genus), Desmobathrinae (45 species in 8 genera) and Geometrinae (209 species in 52 genera) are described. For each species a diagnosis and the geographical range are given and, where known, details of habitat preference and biology. Summary lists are provided of the new taxa described (13 genera, 53 species and 1 subspecies) as well as of numerous other taxonomic changes. A checklist of all species summarises the fauna.

In an introductory section the family-group names applied within these subfamilies are listed and reviewed. A commentary on the higher classification is presented, particularly with reference to reorganisation of most of the Oenochrominae into the revived subfamily Desmobathrinae, with tribes Desmobathrini and Eumeleini, and tentative assignation of two of the genera, Naxa Walker (in tribe Orthostixini) and Heteralex, to the Ennominae. The Geometrinae are divided into tribes Dysphaniini and Geometrini, with most currently recognised tribes treated as subdivisions of the latter. All genera and higher groupings are defined as far as possible on the basis of apomorphic (derived) characters.

Publication date: 1996
Ref : Malayan Nature Journal 1996

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