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Dysphania bivexillata Prout  
Dysphania bivexillata Prout, 1912a: 55.

Dysphania bivexillata

Diagnosis & taxonomic notes.
This species in Borneo has an entirely yellow ground colour marked in blackish brown, the markings being relatively reduced on the hindwing. It appears to be bivexillata Prout (Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia) but in typical material (females) of that species the dark markings are much paler, rather 'washed out' and extending virtually all over the forewing except for two yellow bars within the cell: the hindwing markings are similar however. It also appears to be the species referred to by Murphy (1990) from Singapore but there the dark markings are somewhat more extensive, the medial yellow band of the forewing being relatively much reduced, almost obliterated. There is a similar specimen in BMNH from Kangean, a small archipelago just north of Bali. D. alloides Prout (Andamans) may also be related.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo, Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia, Kangean.

Habitat preference. The species appears to be restricted to mangrove forests, and is so far known in Borneo only from the Bay of Brunei.

Biology. The species in Singapore described and illustrated by Murphy (1990) has a dull pinkish larva with the dark spiracles prominent within pale wings, but otherwise without the more extensive dark markings seen on that of D. transducta Walker where the ground colour is yellow. The pupa is similarly pinkish with pale-ringed dark spiracles.

The host-plant is Bruguiera cylindrica (Rhizophoraceae; Murphy (1990)).

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