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Eumelea djingga Sommerer
Eumelea djingga Sommerer, 1995: 23.

Eumelea djingga

The only Bornean specimen, a male, has a dull rufous brown ground colour above, striated and fasciated with dark carmine pink; on both wings the postmedials are more clearly defined than the submarginals, and these are straight on the forewing, arcuate on the hindwing. This pattern recurs below on the yellower ground colour. The genitalia have the apical part of the uncus long, slender, downcurved, the arms of the cross as long as the apical part, expanding gently to the apex. There is a short basal part to the uncus before the junction with short, rather triangular socii. The aedeagus vesica has the pair of scobinate zones broadening distinctly, the spines of moderate, rather irregular size.

Taxonomic notes. In genitalic features this Bornean specimen resembles Sumatran djingga, but, compared with the males of the latter, the ground colour is brown rather than orange, the striae are finer, neater, the hindwing postmedial is more strongly flexed one third from the costa, and there is no yellow at the apex of the hindwing. Further material of both sexes from Borneo is needed to determine the status of the species there.

Geographical range. Sumatra; Borneo.

Habitat preference. The single Bornean specimen (in Colln. Herbulot) is from 1200m at Kundasan on the southern slopes of G. Kinabalu.

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