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Lophophelma funebrosa Warren comb. n.  
Terpna funebrosa Warren, 1896, Novit. zool. 3: 308.
Terpna tenuilinea Warren, 1899, Ibid. 6:19.

Lophophelma funebrosa

This species and L. loncheres are very similar, but the latter has more variegated markings above, stronger particularly in the marginal zone. On the underside loncheres is distinguished by the presence of white at the tornal angle of the forewing as well as the apical one.

Taxonomic notes. L. obtecta Debauche stat. n. from Sulawesi is best treated as the sister-species to funebrosa, with distinctive male genitalia: the distal spine of the valve is half as long, straight, the lobe on the dorsal margin rounded rather than elongate, and the basal spur shorter and more evenly curved. No males of ssp. tenuilinea are available for study, so the status of this Lesser Sunda race cannot be checked.

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland; Sumbawa (ssp. tenuilinea).

Habitat preference. This is a rare species of lowland forests. Two specimens were taken on forest in limestone at 250m on G. Api, Sarawak, and one was recorded at Labi in the lowlands of Brunei.

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