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Lophophelma erionoma Swinhoe comb. n.  
Pachyodes erionoma Swinhoe, 1893, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (6), 12: 219.
Terpna erionoma albicomitata Prout, T. e. subnubigosa Prout, 1927, Gross-Schmett. Erde 12:
Terpna furvirubens Prout, 1934, Gross-Schmett. Erde 12: 140.

Lophophelma erionoma f..furvirubens

This is a more reddish brown species than the previous two, distinguished particularly by the whitish area just distal to the posterior curvature of the forewing postmedial. On the underside the forewing margin is more broadly white.

Taxonomic notes. The taxon furvirubens was established as a synonym of erionoma by Holloway (1982), the holotype being aberrant (above). There are minor differences between the three subspecies in the shape, apical ornamentation and the basal spur to the costa of the valve in the male genitalia. L. calaurops Prout (Hong Kong) has male genitalia of a similar general form.

Geographical range. W. China (ssp. subnubigosa); N.E. Himalaya; Sundaland (ssp. albicomitata).

Habitat preference. L. erionoma is frequent in lower montane forest, less so in upper montane forest, with an altitude range of 1000-1790m.

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