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Mixochlora Warren

Type species: alternata Warren, Philippines.

In colouration and the falcate shape of the forewing, Mixochlora resembles Tanaorhinus, but the species are only half the size, the wings with a more extensive series of transverse, silvery white bands. The underside is pale yellow green, faintly fasciated darker. The male antennae are narrowly bipectinate to four-fifths.

The male abdomen and genitalia are much as in Tanaorhinus, though the valves lack a strong harpe from the sacculus, and the eighth sternite has a central cleft.

In the female the ovipositor lobes are as in Tanaorhinus. The pyriform bursa lacks a signum.

As with Tanaorhinus, one host-plant recorded is Quercus, but others are Fagus (also Fagaceae) and Corylus (Corylaceae) (see M. vittata Moore).

The genus consists of the type species, the two discussed below, and M. radiata Warren from New Guinea.

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