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Comostolodes Warren Gen. rev.

Type species: albicatena Warren.

Synonyms: Chlorochromodes Warren (type species tenera Warren, N.E. Himalaya) syn. n.; Hercoloxia Prout (type species chlorochromodes Prout, Java) syn. n.

In facies this genus resembles the next in being marked by marginal and, on the forewing, oblique antemedial and postmedial arrays of white spots that are usually ringed with red. The species are small. The type species of the generic synonyms lack the typical markings but have the definitive genitalic features noted below: they could be treated as subgenus Chlorochromodes, the taxa tenera Warren and chlorochromodes Prout having almost identical male genitalia.

In the male abdomen the eighth segment is modified in a manner similar to that of the Nemoriiti (Geometrini). In the genitalia the uncus is vestigial, the socii prominent. The genus is defined by the saccus where the angles of the rather squared Comibaeniti state are produced into slender processes that lie very close together, giving a bifid effect, the best diagnostic feature for the genus. In the typical subgenus the valve has a large hook arising from the costa. In Chlorochromodes this is lacking, and the valve is apically excavate.

In the female (C. dialitha West) the bursa is reduced, the ductus large, irregularly thickened distally, basally sclerotised down to the funnel-like ostium.

The genus is restricted to the Oriental tropics. It should also include C. subhyalina Warren comb.n. (Himalaya).

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