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Argyrocosma Turner

Type species: argosticta Turner, Queensland.

The facies of members of this genus is similar to that of Comostolodes or, as in the case of the type species, with the white punctae of the fasciation and margin not edged with red, and with the postmedial strongly and irregularly curved. The taxa are brought together on a combination of this facies type with the genitalic characters below.

The male genitalia have a quadrifid uncal structure as in Comibaena, and a strong, serrate or spined ornamentation of the valve costa. The aedeagus is small, slender, with some obtuse spining along its length. In the female the bursa is small, on a long, slender ductus in the type species, on a very short one in A. inductaria Guenée comb. n. The ostium is central to the seventh segment as in Comibaena but there is no posterior projection.

The biology of one of the species is described below: it is typical of the Comibaeniti.

The genus consists of two complexes that extend widely through the Indo Australian tropics, though the typical complex does not occur west of Borneo.

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