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Aporandria Warren

Type species: specularia Guenée.

This monobasic genus, despite its size and robustness, has the untidily bipectinate male antennae, hindwing venation and, in the male genitalia, the adpressed uncus and socii and the strongly cruciform vinculum typical of the Hemitheiti.

The basal yellow zone to the hindwing and the enlarged pink and red discal mark are distinctive. The valves of the male genitalia have strong coremata and a central, angled flap on the interior surface that may be homologous with the oblique structure in Thalassodes Guenée. The female genitalia have ovipositor lobes of the modified type. The ductus is short, funnel-like. The bursa is large, asymmetrically pyriform with a distal signum consisting of an asymmetrically developed ring arising from a circular base.

The larva is also typical of the Hemitheiti, being green, slender, twig-like, with the head capsule dorsally bifid. It is described in more detail below.

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