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Olerospila Gen. n.

Type species: oleraria Guenée.

The single species in this new genus has been misplaced in Oenospila. It has entire, if irregular, creamy white fasciae to the bluer green wings, rather than vinous fasciae. The wing margins are evenly, finely darkened, but the cilia are cream: in Oenospila the dark marginal marking is broken, often punctate. The male antennae have the untidy, long, adpressed pectinations typical of the Hemitheiti.

There are diagnostic features in the male abdomen. There is a pair of setal patches on the third sternite rather than a broad central patch, though the patches are close together rather than well separate (Fig 240). The valves are simple, tongue-like, with an oblique central pleat. There is no costal sclerotisation, and the sacculus is unmodified.

In the female the ovipositor lobes are of the modified geometrine type. The ductus is narrow, short, the sterigma unmodified. The bursa is more or less ovate with a small lateral bulge basally. It is ringed centrally by a broad zone of scobination, an unusual feature in the Geometrini.

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