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Jodis rectisecta Herbulot
Iodis rectisecta Herbulot, 1989, Nouv. Revue Ent. (NS)., 3: 252.

Jodis rectisecta

The specimen illustrated is rather worn. The medial zone between ante- and postmedials on both wings is broadly green and the angle of its distal border on the hindwing is strong. The margins are also graded darker green. In the genitalia the oblique groove is covered dorsally by an elongate flap.

Taxonomic notes. The type material has not been examined but the illustrations and drawing of the male genitalia in the original description offer a clear diagnosis.

Geographical range. Palawan, Borneo.

Habitat preference. A specimen was taken at 900m in lower montane forest of the limestone G. Api. Herbulot (pers. comm.) has a second from G. Kinabalu. The species also appears to be montane in Palawan.

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