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Comostola chlorargyra Walker
Comibaena chlorargyra Walker, 1886, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 22: 577.
Leucodesmia confusa Warren, 1905, Novit. zool. 12: 422; syn. n.
Comostola hyptiostega Prout, 1935, Novit. zool. 39: 225, syn. n.

Comostola chlorargyra

This and the next species are very similar and most reliably distinguished by examination of the male genitalia. In the next species the beading of the distal margin of the forewing is regular whereas in chlorargyra two of the central elements are flexed slightly inwards.

Taxonomic notes. The male genitalia of Bornean chlorargyra, Sri Lankan confusa and Javan hyptiostega indicate conspecificity: they show strong asymmetry. C. conchylias Meyrick stat. rev. from New Guinea is externally similar but has symmetrical genitalia, the valves each as in the right valve of chlorargyra. A third member of the group is C. minutata Druce from the Solomons and Bismarcks where the genitalia are slightly asymmetric with the valve structure rather reduced as in the left valve of C. chlorargyra.

Geographical range. Indian Subregion, Andamans, Borneo, Java, Philippines, Sulawesi (slide 17262).

Habitat preference. The species is more frequent than the next, found in various lowland forest types, except in heath forest.

Biology. In the Andamans (unpublished IIE records) the larva has been found feeding on the inflorescences of Cerbera (Apocynaceae).

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