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Mystichlora Gen. n.

Type species: mystica Prout.

This genus is proposed for a single species that has been associated with Idiochlora, but does not share the diagnostic features of that genus.

The male antennae are broadly bipectinate, the pectinations regular, tapering away to about two-thirds of the way along the shaft. Those of the female are ciliate. The forewing margin is relatively straight, that of the hindwing only slightly angled centrally. The fringes and fine, straight fasciae are very pale yellow. The underside is satiny, whitish.

In the male abdomen there are no setae on the third sternite. In the genitalia the socii are short relative to the uncus, and the valve has a short, rather spatulate extension to the sacculus. There are small coremata. These genitalia features are seen in the Rhomboristiti with the exception of coremata.

In the female genitalia the ovipositor lobes are of the modified type. The ductus is relatively long, the bursa elliptical, with a weak signum.

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