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Metallolophia Warren

Type species: vitticosta Walker.

The male antennae are serrate or ciliate. There is some diversity in the markings of the upperside of the wings, but the discal spots are characteristically large, pale-centred with fine dark boundaries. On the underside the submarginal bands are faint, broad, diffuse. The forewing discal spot only is strong, and a generic feature is the presence of dark streaks or spots basal to it.

The male abdomen also has features that define the genus. The third sternite lacks setal patches. The uncus is vestigial, the socii lying close to each other, apically acute, slightly divergent. The valve is diagnostically ornamented: a rather boarmiine-like expansion and setation to the apex of the costa; a central basal lobe; a sclerotised, digitate or blade-like saccular process. The aedeagus has an apical saw-like serration; the vesica is small with a single moderate, rather blunt cornutus distally.

The female of the type species has typically geometrine ovipositor lobes, and a pyriform bursa, immaculate, set on a robust ductus. The lamella antevaginalis is broadly, transversely corrugate.

The genus is moderately speciose, restricted to the Oriental tropics.

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