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Epipristis Meyrick

Type species: oxycyma Meyrick, Queensland, = nelearia Guenée.

Synonyms: Terpnidia Butler (type species nelearia); Pingarmia Sterneck (type species transiens Sterneck, China).

This genus consists mostly of small, pale dull green species, the wings clouded with grey in the marginal zone, and traversed by fine, dark, crenulate and dentate fasciae. The male antennae are filiform.

Definitive features are found in the male genitalia: the third sternite of the abdomen has weak setal patches. The uncal structure consists of the socii, closely adpressed. The valves are simple, narrow, with a central, longitudinal fold or furrow that bears from a few to numerous large setae within it, directed distally. The valves have weak coremata. The aedeagus is very slender, with ventral thickening only.

In the female, ductus and bursa are simple, the latter finely, sparsely scobinate, the individual spines being narrow.

The genus ranges from India and China to the Bismarck Is. and N. Australia.

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