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Sarcinodes tornubilatus Sommerer  
Sarcinodes tornubilatus Sommerer, 1995: 12.

Sarcinodes tornubilatus

The small size and yellow tone distinguish this species from other Bornean Sarcinodes.

Taxonomic notes. Specimens of tornubilatus have stronger wing markings than the Himalayan O. debitaria Walker, and, in addition, have major differences in the valves of the male genitalia. The right valve has the spined edge of the distal flange straight rather than curved; the left valve has the corresponding process elongate, produced beyond the apex of the valves rather than transverse. A specimen from Thailand (slide 8499) has symmetrical genitalia and probably represents a separate species.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Java, Borneo.

Habitat preference. Of three Bornean specimens seen, two are from lowland localities and one from upper montane forest.

Biology. The Japanese species S. mongaku Marumo is a member of the group debitaria: see generic description for notes on its biology.

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