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Odonestis vita Moore  
Odonestis vita Moore, in Horsfield & Moore, 1859: 424.
Odonestis vita Moore; Tams, 1935: 58.

Odonestis vita
(natural size)


This and the next species are more orange-red than the two previous, and both have irregular, rather than straight, postmedials. In vita the white discal spot and the fasciae are more indefinite than in the other species.

Taxonomic notes. Several subspecies were described by Tams (1935), the typical race being that from Sundaland. The Philippines subspecies tend in their genitalia morphology towards the new Bornean species described below.

Geographical range. Indian subregion to Sundaland, Philippines.

Habitat preference. The species has been taken in the lowlands but is not common.

Biology. The larva has been recorded on Eugenia, Psidium (Myrtaceae) and Lagerstroemia (Lythraceae) in Thailand (Pholboon, 1965). Yunus & Ho (1980) also recorded Psidium.

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