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Lajonquierea mediofasciata Grunberg comb. n.
Metanastria mediofasciata Grunberg, 1913, Ent. Rdsch. 30: 104.
Metanastria mediofasciata Grunberg; Holloway, 1976: 89.

Lajonquierea mediofasciata
(natural size)

Lajonquierea mediofasciata
(natural size)

See Lajonquierea derunoides sp. n.; the postmedial fascia is straighter and the aedeagus vesica is spined.

Taxonomic notes.
The putative female is illustrated here, being larger and paler than the male but with similar fasciation.

Geographical range
. Borneo.

Habitat preference. On G. Kinabalu the species was rarer than the next, taken infrequently from 1000-1800m. During the Mulu survey one specimen was taken in lowland heath forest and six at 900m in lower montane forest on the limestone G. Api. It has been taken at 1000m on G. Dulit by Mjoberg.

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