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Degmaptera Hampson

Type species: mirabilis Rothschild.

See notes for Cypa Walker. Both taxa in this genus have the uncus bifid and the valve with an apical spur-like process. The costal margin of the hindwing is sinuous.

The life history of the type species was described by Bell & Scott (1937). The head is elongate-triangular, pale green, the apex of each dorsal lobe reddish. The body is green or bluish green, darker than the head, with a dorsal stripe of black dots over the thorax, sometimes extending posteriorly as a series of quadrate patches in the centre of each segment, always present on A1 where it is surrounded by yellow. There is a large subdorsal white patch on each side of A4, lined dorsally by black tubercles. There are other, variable yellow subdorsal patches. There are yellow oblique stripes, defined sharply above by brown. The horn is green, large, fringed above and below by tubercles, slightly downcurved.

The host-plant recorded was Quercus (Fagaceae).

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