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Agape Felder

Type species: cyanopyga Felder (= chloropyga Walker).

Synonym: Spilobotys Butler (type species arctioides Butler, Solomon Is.).

Species in this genus are bright yellow with orange spots or fasciae on the forewing. At the base of the forewing and on the thorax occur small black spots. The abdomen is banded with yellow and blue-black, often with the apex broadly the latter colour.

The male lacks a retinaculum; the antennae are filiform, with short cilia. The genitalia are very elongate, the valves simple, narrow, the uncus slender, tapering to a point. The tegumen is ‘shouldered’ in the type species but not in all species. There is a large saccus. The aedeagus vesica is large, bilobed, finely scobinate throughout.

In the female genitalia the distal margin of the eighth tergite is fringed with setae, and it gives rise to a pair of finger-like invaginations that run anteriorly. The ductus bursae is long, sclerotised, and the bursa is also elongate, corrugated throughout, with the ductus seminalis arising basally from it.

The genus is distributed from Sundaland to Queensland, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. It was reviewed by Holloway (1979).

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