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Pareuchaetes Grote

Type species: cadaverosa Grote (= insulata Walker), Caribbean.

A single species of this Neotropical genus was introduced to Sabah in 1973-4 for control of the Neotropical weed Chromolaena odorata (Compositae). It has since been recorded in the early 1980's in Tuaran (Sabah), Brunei and Palawan and must be spreading elsewhere in Borneo (Cock & Holloway, 1982; Cock, 1984, pers. comm). The most recent record is from Kota Belud, Sabah, in 1987.

The genus was reviewed by Cock & Holloway (1982). It consists of five species with unmarked dull yellow wings, the only immaculate yellow species in the Euchaetes Harris group of genera, all of which show complex modification of the uncus/tegumen in the male genitalia. In this genus a pair of supra-uncal processes arises dorsally from the junction of the uncus and tegumen; the harpe of the otherwise simple valve is elongate, usually heavily sclerotised; the aedeagus vesica is spherical, with a single stout cornutus or a tight row of 2-5 more slender cornuti. In the female genitalia the bursa has no signum but zones or bands of coarse scobination.

Pareuchaetes is a member of the large New World tribe Phaegopterini (Watson & Goodger, 1986).

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