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Nyctemera sonticum Swinhoe  
Leptosoma sonticum
Swinhoe, 1892, Cat. Lep. Het. Mus. Oxf, 1: 142.

Nyctemera sonticum

The species has the forewing postmedial white bar distinctly broken by dark brown along the veins as in N. coleta, but this does not occur anterior to the cell in the latter as it does in this species. N. coleta has subapical and tornal white markings on the margin of both wings, and the hindwing border extends basad along the veins more extensively.

Taxonomic notes. The forewing facies is very similar to that of the Philippines N. radiata Walker (of which N. purata Swinhoe may be a pale variant) but the hindwing border of radiata lacks an interior projection at vein CuA2, and the male genitalia are like those of the tripunctaria group.

Geographical range. Philippines, Borneo (Sabah).

Habitat preference. The two Bornean female specimens seen are from Sabah. The species probably parallels in distribution a number of Philippine butterflies (e.g. Eurema alitha, Cupha arias).

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